Monday, 19 February 2018

How I make my skinny envelopes

I have been asked a few times if I make my own envelopes. The answer is yes, so I thought I would come on today to show you how.

Toady's project will be an envelope for my long skinny card. They are so easy to make, this envelope fits a card that measures 6" x 2.1/2" see my card below, there is also a tutorial on how to make this card.

Here is a few pictures of the envelopes I have made for the cards I recently showed on my tutorials,
Today's envelope will be for the just because card I made. Its so easy to change up the measures to suit any card project you are working on.

Here's how we make it.

Card or paper size 8" x 6.1/2" scored on the long side at 3/4" turn your paper 180 degrees and score again at 3/4"

On the short side score at 1.1/2" and 4.1/2
I used a corner rounder to give a more professional look to the end flaps.

To see me make this envelope go over the tutorial on my channel.

I hope this has answered any question you might had and helps you to make your own long skinny envelopes.

Happy crafting Danielle x

Don't forget the winner will be announced on my channel today, They will win the last two weeks of my projects..


  1. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous envelopes xxx

  2. Thanks for the tutorial Dannii. The skinny cards are really nice and neat looking cards. Xx

  3. Thanks Danni for this video tutorial on these lovely envelopes. Also thanks for the written instructions on your blog post too for reference. Please could you go to my blog page too and follow and/or give me feed back on my projects I would really appreciate that. Thank you it is

    1. Thank you so much I've been over and left a comment on one of your cards. I will have a good look at your blog later tonight. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on mine x

  4. Thank you Ms. Danni for this tutorial...lovely cards!


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